A situation where a filter may see data that is unexpected is when the Download Manager is generating the PostScript output data. This is done by performing the consecutive writes with the same subsection, info, and ID values. Selecting the menu item corresponding to a filter’s panel displays that panel. Filters must be careful to skip parsing of the data in this situation. The file is autorouted to the “Printing Plug-ins” folder in the “Extensions” folder. Filter signatures must be unique or else a filter may conflict with another filter with the same signature as described in the section Filter Private Collection Issues.

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LWGetBackground returns a Boolean indicating whether the Print Dialog is currently configured for background printing. The file is autorouted to the “Printing Plug-ins” folder in the “Extensions” folder.

It may be helpful to clarify how some of the routines associated with individual panels are laerwriter and in what order. The call to psOutputFilterPreFlight can be used for several purposes. At that point, the filter can access any collection items it may have stored in its private collection.

When this box is unchecked, all filter controls become inactive.

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A situation where a filter may see data that is unexpected is when the Download Manager is generating the PostScript output data. A single file laesrwriter contain multiple plug-in libraries. The psPanelSetCriteria routine is called before any other filter routine except for any CFM shared library initialization routine a plug-in has.

This portion of the API consists of three routines, each of which corresponds to a phase of the communication channel’s activity. The Laserwrietr filter provided in the Sample Code portion of this document generates a report of the PSPosition info data generated as part of each print job.


In addition to filtering the PostScript output data stream, a filter can also present a user interface in the LaserWriter 8 Print Dialog for configuring the filter’s print job parameters. When the user chooses “Save Settings”, a filter’s psPanelSaveButton procedure is called, regardless of whether or not the filter’s panel is visible.

It is recommended that these plug-ins have a Finder type of ‘bird’ since files of this type are autorouted on most recent system configurations. The section Sample Code discusses the two sample filters provided as part of laserriter technote.

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The collection corresponding to the current printer’s defaults is available to a filter through the LWGetPrInfoCollection routine. It is likely that the features supported by a PostScript output filter will have a user interface associated with those features.

A routine that is called to check data ranges for a panel: The plugInHints collection laserwriteer to psPanelInitData does not contain the saved defaults for the current printer but may contain any saved defaults for the current print job. The second phase occurs when data is being written to the output filter chain. The sample code provided with this technote demonstrates the way to store settings in the user interface code and how to extract them at filter output execution time.

The psPanelPlugInLibKeepRunning routine allows a running filter to determine whether to continue running if the user switches printers in the Print Dialog. The first section lists those panels which are built into LaserWriter 8. Laserwriiter called during user interaction with a given panel: To reduce or eliminate the need to parse data, the parameter posP is also passed in.


Laserwwriter minimum LaserWriter driver version that a filter requires. This occurs once, regardless of whether a filter’s panel is visible:. If a filter wants to modify the data before writing it to the next filter, it must first copy the data passed to it and modify its copy of the data. The col collection parameter may or may not contain any specific collection item.

To avoid conflicts between filters, the user interface code requires each filter to have a unique 4-byte signature. Lib” file provided with the sample code as part of building the filter.

If the link to this library is not weak, the filter cannot be loaded at PostScript output time and the filter will never filter any output. These routines allow a filter to set the user interface items in a panel to reflect the underlying data settings.

Filters are also required to have a standard ‘cfrg’ resource describing the code fragments in the data fork of the file. It is called when the panel menu gets built the first time, and each time the printer is changed and the filter continues to run. These resources are optional, and, if either of these resources is not available, the information is indicated as unavailable.

Filters can set criteria that LaserWriter 8 uses to determine whether to run that filter’s user interface by providing a psPanelSetCriteria routine.