The pen is a lot easier to use for selections and is more comfortable too. It’s not a big effect, though, and for the range of pen angles you’re actually likely to use, won’t be noticeable. Any drawing task, for a start. What you get Wacom graphire 1 tablet itself, which is roughly mm square 8. The Graphire mouse is pretty good.

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It lets you write on your tablet and have text appear in graphite applications, and it also lets you mark up documents with “sticky notes”. The mouse is still the best tool for navigating menus and doing general operating system tasks.

Wacom Graphire 2 graphics tablet Review

You get the Wacom Graphire, that’s what. This grxphire the perfect tool for the budget conscious buyer wanting more control in their digital imaging software and is good value at It just calls relative and absolute “mouse mode” and “pen mode”, and you can set either device to work in either way. Only occasionally you might need to get another color or brush. Shown below is an example of several tools from Painter Classic which also show the effect of gradually exerting pressure using the pen.

The mouse used was just a standard ball mouse not the provided Wacom one and the main problem was tension in my hand throwing the lasso tool off graphirr few pixels occasionally. It just changes graohire acceleration.

It lets you control your computer graphjre drawing symbols with the pointer. Removing red-eye, dodging and burning, selecting, masking, and any other tasks that require very precise pointer movements are significantly easier with the Wacom Graphire graphics tablet.


And the whole pen’s sealed; you can’t get into it. The pen and tablet combination excels graphre many aspects of digital imaging, and provides a natural ergonomic experience. You can import pictures into it from various sources, do basic image editing, and then post them on ActiveShare. Bring the pointing device back down in, say, the top right corner, though, and that’s where the cursor will immediately jump. What this means is that the thing only tells the computer where the pointer is roughly 50 times a second.

The rectangle’s printed on a clear plastic overlay, which you can flip up and stick artwork under if you want to trace something. But all will be revealed in due course, gentle reader. Sensiva ‘s also available as a free download you can get a Mac or Linux version that wayand it grapbire with a mouse as well as with a tablet.


What actually comes in are the numbers, Neither end retracts significantly into the body of the pen under pressure, or even has a noticeable amount of wobble, in use. Visit our Competitions Forum, where you’ll find our monthly competition and other external competitions to enter. Wacom have provided a pen, pen holder and mouse with this Graphire2 tablet. But the Graphire, in default mode, moves the cursor in relatively large graphiee.

Wacom Graphire graphics tablet

The pressure sensitivity lets you accomplish things that are completely impossible with the mouse. Resolution-wise, the tablet appears to have units worth of horizontal resolution which works out to about dpi.


And there are macro capabilities – one symbol can not just go to your Webmail URL saybut it can log you in, too.

When I installed the proper driver software and restarted, though, everything became a lot nicer. Look at the bottom of the mouse and you’d think grapihre was a display dummy from a furniture store, or something.

It’s annoying, but it’s easily fixed; just tweak the sensitivity down.

Here are the wacom grapyire 1 giblets. Paint grapire give you a thin line with little pressure and a full-pen-width one when you push harder; the eraser just slightly lightens things when you press lightly and erases them completely when you press harder; the smudge and rubber stamp and dodge and burn tools all do their thing more drastically when you press harder.

It’s also just plain fun to scribble with the thing.

The pen’s side switch is a two-way rocker, and you can set each direction to do something different. When the pointer ought to move, say, one pixel in a given tenth of a second, then that’s what it does.