Having a problem logging in? Every decision you make holds meaning affecting your next decision. There is a VIA proprietary driver for Chrome9 chipsets that should support most of the features missing with the openChrome driver, like video decoding acceleration and 3D hardware acceleration. If you’re lucky, deleting your xorg. Can you help me? Well, I said too quick that It was forever. This solution helps to prevent system freezing, specially with OpenGL applications, games, screensavers, and Wine see Launchpad bug

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Well, I said too quick that It was forever.

As I tried Ubuntu and Xubunyu an no one worked well on my computer, I’d like a lightweight distro that works with linix graphics card.

You will notice yours is Code: June 25, Send this topic Print.

Help clean up this section. I thought that when you installed the driver, it all worked OK screensaver speed means nothing. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. There is no good 3D driver because VIA has not released enough chipset specifications to free software developers. I hate windows on this computer, I hate ubuntu and derivated now As soon as I get the the chance, probably tomorrow, I’ll mess around a bit with Openchrome driver the one I have installed, right?



Make sure you have enabled the Universe and Multiverse repositories. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

Thank you both very much for your help! It’s an old pc so of course I’m not expecting to watch HD or something alike, I’d just like to ask for your help to check if something could be done to improve. The screensaver going slowly isnt a problem, and its probably just a sign of how slow the UniChrome chip is. But I can’t enjoy Ubuntu like this.

VIA CN/P4M Pro/P4M CE/VN Graphics

GLXgears isnt a benchmark, its just to test if direct rendering is working. If you’re lucky, deleting your xorg. No, it doesn’t work. If it is the same that I have now, is mine up to date? If you manually compiled and installed the VIA kernel module, you will have to recompile it with the new kernel headers, as described above. Gimme just a hand on this so I can understand a bit of the scenario: After searching a bit through the net, I installed Openchrome video xn700 using Ubuntu’s wiki.


You may try installing the driver with the current kernel first. The time now linud So basically everything plays fine in windowed mode, only in fullscreen something is not being processed correctly.

It would also automatically check for any proprietary drivers available for the type of hardware you have. Keep in mind that: Originally Posted by Ztcoracat I am digging deep into graphics problems because I linud have had graphics crashes and well Find More Posts by Ztcoracat.

OpenChrome – Community Help Wiki

The issue for me is preparing for and installing Fedora using good practices is a whole nother ballgame. It should also work on Debian and other Debian-based distributions.

Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? You mentioned that our other member made changes to the video set up See the Release Announcements Section.